Coronavirus update

Coronavirus update

In these unprecedented times, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused devastation in the world we live in.

With more and more people becoming infected and the fatalities growing daily, the governments around the world have been forced to lock down their countries to stop the spread of infection and this has had a direct impact on many businesses.

This has had different effects on industry sectors and because of the high risk in security at this time and the necessity to ensure effective viral deep cleans are being carried out, A & E Services Limited have had to step up its operation and recruit further.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused lots of businesses to close, leaving buildings and its contents at risk.  A & E Services Limited can offer short term security contracts to assist you at these uncertain times, protecting your business for when you reopen and stopping any disruption in your operation, because of damage or theft.

A & E Services Limited can also provided commercial cleaning and deep cleans to eliminate virus infections and protect businesses by cleaning surface areas, door handles, toilets, etc. We can provide your building or specific areas with a full fumigation that eliminates all virus including the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Certificated and NHS approved).

All our staff are issued with the appropriate PPE and use the appropriate chemicals recommended to eliminate viruses and the risk of infection in the work place.

Please get in touch today and we will provide you for a competitive quotation for any of our services.

Please stay safe, protected and lets ensure that in the upcoming months, UK businesses can once again flourish and we can all put this behind us.