Concierge Services

A & E Services specialise in providing concierge services within supported housing schemes. We have over 15 years’ experience in this market sector and are currently providing staffing solutions to over 37 projects nationally for the YMCA.

With budgets, always a concern our competitive rates offer organisations the flexible approach to ensure that a concierge is on site when a member of your support staff have gone home. We ensure that all our staff are fully trained, licenced and enhanced DBS checked.

Our concierge team are there to protect the welfare of the premises and your client and are aware of the boundaries associated with looking after young vulnerable people between the ages of 16 to 25 years old. We will only offer a listening ear to evaluate if the on-call support is required and will call the necessary emergency numbers should an incident arise. We in addition to this look after night shelters, crash beds and short term accommodation.

All staff deployed on any project can be interviewed also by yourselves and we welcome internal training delivered to your own staff. We document all events with duplicated paperwork, provide a lone worker device and a GPRS touring system to verify our concierge is patrolling the premises checking for incidents or damage.

Our duties vary from project to project and our flexible approach to each role means on some sites we even put breakfast out in the morning for the residents.

We keep assignment instructions on site that are always updated and is the bible of how the site is run. This would contain house rules, tenancy agreements, banned people, concierge duties, etc. We also like to keep a file with photographs and basic information of the residents, so we can assist or evaluate a situation quickly.

Knowing that your site will always be manned by a trained concierge for that project will take the headache, cost and management time in looking at replacing staff or using an agency at these unsociable times.